Training Session at Lansdowne

The kids and volunteers had one last training session out at Lansdowne on Sunday.

A few of the kids who are not familiar with the course had an opportunity to practise their skills and unfamiliar racing lines. They also had an opportunity to execute another Individual Time Trial and squeeze in a Scratch race before Round One on 1 May. The kids from Junior Cyclist still had time for their team photoshoot as well.

The volunteers had a chance to test out the new timing system and handicap calculator. The extra practice run has made setup and packup faster. We’ve even found more area’s where we can save time. Hopefully this should help us keep on track for some smooth running events in Round 1.

A great quote from Lucas’ dad, Tom; “I’m loving Lansdowne, it’s great to be able to ride around behind them and they seem to love the track.”

See you all next Sunday.


Training Session at Lansdowne

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