Round 5 2016 – Cancelled

Round 5 was cancelled this week due to torrential rain.

Now is a good opportunity to say thanks to everyone who contributes to the InterSchool Cycling Competition.

A 1.5 hour event for the kids starts as early as 12pm for the Watson’s who go and collect the pop-top, tables, cones, brooms, etc before heading down to Lansdowne. It ends late at night after the books & receipts are balanced, points are double checked and reports are posted.

Thank you to the Bonora’s who don’t think twice to drive around Sydney picking up god knows what when we need it. Thanks for sorting out a cuppa for everyone Julia. I’m starting to think there really isn’t a mug fairy. I’m figuring its really you who washes all our dirty mugs & cutlery, and replenishes our tea and coffee each week.

Thank you to James, Tom, Lorin, Mel R, Belinda, Vinil and Blair for chaperoning the kids, the recorders; Mel W & Lance, the marshal; Phil and commissaire; Louise.

Thanks to all the families who bake cakes to share with everyone. Thanks to Annette for taking the JC team photos and Sean and Gemma who were there in round 4 helping out too.

Also, thanks to everyone who lends a hand when we need handlers for the kids or hands on the pop top. -Its always nice to come back from setting/packing up the signs and cones on the course and finding most of the site work has been done already. Thanks everyone!

Can’t wait until next week.

Round 5 2016 – Cancelled

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