Round 11 2016 Report

JC2 Scratch Race Winner – Prouille Catholic Primary School

We had a few firsts this week.

  1. We decided to split the Junior C’s into two groups this week after a bumper field in round 10. The groups are called JC1 and JC2.
  2. The Primary Schools Cup grew to include our first early learning centre when Kristof from Froebel St Ives showed up. Kristof even managed to take out a win in the Junior B/C1/C2 handicap.
  3. At the other end of the spectrum, the Junior A numbers continue to grow with a good strong field reaching 10 riders. Some as old as U17 making the race very tough for all involved.
  4. Griffin from St Pius X took one second off the Lansdowne InterSchool record in the Individual Time Trial on his first attempt.

Knox Grammar managed to find another rider who helped them edge in front of William Clarke College. I bet there will be a few Knox and William Clarke parents putting on a recruiters hat this week in the hope to bolster their point-score for the Secondary Schools Cup.

Every new rider earns at least 100 points for their school. There are 30 participation points for their first week, plus they also earn the points for the two rounds they are allowed to miss (30 each) and the 10 points they receive for setting their first PB.

Junior A /B Handicap
Junior A/B Handicap
Junior C2 Scratch

1st Indigo – Prouille
2nd Kristof – Froebel
3rd Kayla – Northmead Public


Junior C1 Scratch

1st Jemma – Strathfield North Public
2nd Caleb – Claremont Meadows Public
3rd Shaun – Northmead Public
4th Charlotte – Eastwood Heights Public
5th Emma – Northmead Public


Junior B Criterium

1st Sarah – St Peter Chanel
2nd Aimee – Catherine McAuley
3rd Samantha – St Peter Chanel
4th Victoria – Newington Public
5th Mabel – Catherine McAuley


Junior A Criterium

1st Chris – Knox Grammar
2nd Tom – Patrician Brothers
3rd Griffin – St Pius X
4th Maximilian – Glenwood High
5th Sophie – Burwood Girls High


Handicap – B/C1/C2

1st Kristof – Froebel
2nd Florence – Northmead Public
3rd Shaun – Northmead Public
4th Charlotte – Eastwood Heights Public
5th Indigo – Prouille


Handicap – A/B

1st Tom – Knox Grammar
2nd Aimee – Catherine McAuley
3rd Sam – St Peter Chanell
4th Remi – Boronia Park Public
5th Victoria – Newington Public


Personal Best
Personal Best (three in a row)

Kayla – Northmead Public


Personal Best (two in a row)

Jemma – Strathfield North Public
Tia – Northmead Public


Personal Best

Charlotte – Eastwood Heights Public
Holly – Northmead Public
Tom – Knox


Welcome to the following who posted their first PB:

Griffin – St Pius X
Hugh – Knox
Kristof – Froebel


Round 11 2016 Report

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