Round 10 Summer 2016-17

The heatwave conditions set some records the previous day. Parents and riders who barely survived the heat on Friday and Saturday wisely gave Round 10 a miss. As a result, we ran smaller events than usual. The smaller numbers were noticeable on the day, but later in the evening it was pointed out to me that a year ago we would have been ecstatic to have twenty juniors showing up. These days twenty is considered half a field!

ISC welcomed a new rider this week. -Ryan from John Purchase Public School. He managed two wins and a second place in his first three events and participated in the novelty event later in the day. JPPS have already overtaken a few schools on the ladder despite the late start in the season. Well done Ryan!

The free ice-blocks were a big hit with both the kids and parents. It didn’t take long to consume all sixty of them! -For the record, I only had one.

NoveltyRaceWhile focusing on keeping kids cool and hydrated, I didn’t get a chance to take any photos, but I did come across one photo with with Charlotte, Ryan and Teja in the novelty event. -The first leg of the event gave us a little insight into where the competitive genes might come from. Charlotte reached her bike last, but still managed to take the win!

St Michael’s increased their lead in the primary competition ahead of Northmead and Concord West, meanwhile St John Vianni is just one point away in fourth place.

In the secondary competition Burwood Girls High continue to open their lead against Patrician Brothers and Seven Hills High who are followed closely by Rosebank College and St Mary’s Cathedral.

See you all at Lidcombe Oval this Sunday, 19th February for Round 11.

Round 10 Summer 2016-17

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