Round 10 2016 Report

We had another cracker this week, with what must now be the largest regular junior cycling event in Sydney, if not the state. I’ve been to a lot of different venues over the years and I can’t say I’ve ever seen so many junior riders at a regular event.

As the event grows, I’m seeing less of the racing while working out ITT times and processing them for the handicaps later in the afternoon, so I really only have data to report on. Here it is:

Junior C Scratch

1st Jemma – Strathfield North Public School
2nd Liam – Northmead Public School
3rd Josef – Russell Lea Infants’ School
4th Caleb – Claremont Public School
5th Julia – Concord West Public School


Junior B Criterium*

1st Alexandra – Concord West Public School
2nd Maximilian – Glenwood High School
3rd Tom – Knox Grammar
4th Erica – William Clarke College
5th Aimee – Catherine McAuley, Westmead


Junior A Criterium*

1st Thomas – Patrician Brothers, Blacktown
2nd Chris – Knox Grammar
3rd William – Trinity
4th Kyle – Seven Hills High School
5th Toby – Parramatta Marist High School


Handicap – B/C

1st Ruby – Northmead Public School
2nd Kirby – Russell Lea Infants’ School
3rd Liam – Concord West Public School
4th Liam – Northmead Public School
5th Joesef – Russell Lea Infants’ School


Handicap – A/B

1st Tom – Knox Grammar
2nd Alexandra – Concord West Public School
3rd Lucas – Eastwood Heights Public School
4th Jonathan – St Mary’s Cathederal, Sydney
5th Remi – Boronia Park Public School


Personal Best
Personal Best (two in a row)

Aimee – Catherine McAuley, Westmead
Erica – William Clarke College
Joel – William Clarke College
Kayla – Northmead Public School
Kyle – Seven Hills High School
Mabel – Catherine McAuley, Westmead
Ruby – Northmead Public School
Thomas – Patrician Brothers, Blacktown


Personal Best

Caleb – Claremont Meadows Public School
Chris – Knox Grammar
Eleanor – William Clarke College
Elena – Strathfield North Public School
Grace – St John Vianni, Doonside
Hudson – Knox Grammar
Indigo – Prouille Catholic Primary School
Jemma – Strathfield North Public School
Jonathan – St Mary’s Cathederal, Sydney
Lucas – Eastwood Heights
Sophie – Burwood Girls High School
Ta – Lucas Heights Public School
Tia – Northmead Public School


Welcome to the following who posted their first PB:

Lauren – Lindfield Public School
Max – Glenwood High School
Shaun – Northmead Public School


*Criterium FAQ (for the new guys)
What’s a crit?

A criterium (or crit) is a race that is time based. The race is typically defined as X minutes plus Y lap(s).


Why run a crit instead of scratch race?

Crits are easier to manage, and allow organisers to run multiple grades at the same time. -We ran single grade crits in round 10 to get the kids and recorders use to it.


Do you ring the bell exactly at X minutes?

No. The X minutes is just a guide and is dependant on when the first rider approaches the line. Eg if the crit was 10mins plus one lap, and after a few of laps, the lead rider approached the line at 9min 30sec, the Comm will most likely ring the bell. If they don’t the bell wouldn’t sound until 13min 30sec (assuming 4 minute laps).

The bell can also sound late. It might be that a slower group has just been passed by a faster group. When this happens we might delay ringing the bell for the slower grade.

For example, while B is in their final lap they can sometimes travel faster than A as A are still settling in for their longer ride. If B has just been passed by A when their time is due, we are more likely to leave B out there for an extra lap to put some distance between A and B and avoid multiple grades hitting the line at the same time.

The clock does not define the race, its just a guide. The only thing you can count on is the bell.


What if a rider is lapped in a crit?

They are a lap down on the rest of the field and are unlikely to place. On small courses with big bunches, a lapped rider may be asked to retire.


What if a rider breaks away and laps the field in a crit?

That rider is a lap up and will win the race. If multiple riders do it, then they are first, second, etc as they hit the line after the bell lap and the rest of the field claims remaining places.


What if a rider/group catches up to another rider/group from another grade?

You can pass them but you can’t ride with them. Either sit back away from the group or pass them. Riders/groups being passed should ride neutral while they are passed and are discouraged from re-passing unless they are in their own bell lap.


Why don’t Junior C ride crits at InterSchool Cycling?

Junior C attracts younger riders. A variable length race is complicated for younger kids who may not have a concept of time. Fortunately we still might split grades for a scratch race. Their races are so short that the faster group doesn’t get a chance to catch the slower group.


Round 11 Changes

The Individual Time Trial (first race) will stay the same for now.


Junior C & Peewees Scratch Race (second race)

With such large fields, we’ve decided to separate the slower Cs and form a Peewees group.

Junior C will assemble on the line for their start and Peewees will assemble 10-15m behind them. Junior Cs will start, then about 30 seconds later the Comm will ask the Peewees to start. -There will be two concurrent races with points for the first 10 in each race.


Junior A and Junior B Criterium (second race)

This will be the same as the Junior C and Peewees, except A will be on the line and B will be behind them. Both the Junior As and Junior Bs will be riding a crit instead of a scratch race.

The Handicaps (third race) will remain the same.

Positions Vacant

We’re always looking for people to lighten the load.


Weekly report

Yes, you can write articles well enough. -I’m a terrible writer and and you managed to read this far! If you’re interested in writing a report, let me know. I’d love to hear from anyone the perspective of a family starting out in cycling or maybe one of the riders themselves might want to put a few words together on occasion.


Video Editor

We picked up some amazing footage of the kids on the course, but I simply don’t have the time to edit it. No great skills are required. -I just don’t have time to start doing this as we get closer to Student Champs.

We can give you one big file. We’re not expecting music and special effects. Just start and stop a piece of footage and call it ITT, again start and stop and call it Junior C Scratch, etc. Doing it with no skills is better than no footage at all.

Round 10 2016 Report

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