Round 1 Summer 2016-17

Taking a break from the heat at Lidcombe Oval
Taking a break from the heat.

Despite a very hot day and some exhausted Spring Cycle riders, a strong turnout of kids appeared for the first round of the InterSchool Cycling Summer Series on Sunday at Lidcombe Oval.

We had a huge turnout in the freewheel groups. So much so, that we made a third group. This means that no matter what freewheel (BMX/mountain/hybrid/road) bike your kid is riding there will be a group for them. Likewise, we had to make a fourth track group with strong numbers there, ranging from U7 to U17. -It was fantastic to see three more under 15/17 riders join the track ranks and bolster numbers at the fast end of the spectrum.

The stand out riders in the freewheel groups were Liam H and Tia. Liam claimed the win in all three events, while Tia took out the first two events but suffered from a tough handicap in the short third event.

Alexandra claimed the win in all three Junior B track events, while Max won all but one event despite some tough handicaps in the Junior As.

Max’s efforts pushed Glenwood High into the early lead in the Secondary Schools pointscore, while Northmead Public is already on top of the Primary Schools pointscore thanks to a strong turnout of kids and riders in the top three in most of the freewheel events.

Round 1 Summer 2016-17

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