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2018/19 Summer Schools Cup Results

Secondary Schools Cup

Primary Schools Cup


Primary Students
Top 5 – Female

Top 5 – Male


Secondary Students
Top 5 – Female

Top 5 – Male

All riders are listed in the Detailed Results sheet.

Let us know if you spot any typos.

Please do not;

  • ask the recorders for assistance if you have technical difficulties with your phone. -Try another parent or official not officiating the events.
  • approach the recorders while they are recording an event. -Give them a moment after the last rider crosses the line before pointing out any issues.

Personal Best

Riders with the most PBs

Junior Cyclist PB Prize Series

The series includes all JC Sunday Funday and ISC Summer Schools Cup 2018 Rounds

This is a separate series to the Schools Cup.


The prize pool will be $300 going to the ten riders with the most number of PBs.

The prizes from 1st to 10th are: $60, $50, $40, $30, $25, $25, $20, $20, $15, $15.

Prize Caps

Prizes for U9 riders will be capped at $20 cash. Where an U9 rider wins a prize value greater than $20, the balance will be in the form of a discount code towards next season’s fees.

Eg: If an U9 rider comes second, they will win $20 plus a discount code to the value of $30.

Equal Places

Where riders are in an equal position, their names will appear alphabetically in the point-score, however their prizes will be totalled and divided equally between them.

Eg: If three riders finish in equal first and another two in equal fourth, 1st will win (60+50+40)/3=$50 each, while 4th will win (30+25)/2=$27.50 each.


Here is an explanation of the Schools Cup points system.

Results Archive


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