Points System – Schools Cup

The Schools Cup is all about introducing young riders to cycling. The points system is weighted towards encouraging participation for new riders.

Place Points

The top ten riders are awarded points for placing instead of the typical top three to five riders. The aim is to keep the riders in the middle and back of the field working, rather than giving up if they can see they can’t reach the top few spots.

The first rider over the line earns 10 points, second rider 9 points and so on until tenth with 1 point.


Personal Best in ITT

Any rider who achieves a personal best (PB) time in the Individual Time Trial receives points as if it was a win (10 points). This puts the focus on continual improvement for all riders, rather than only rewarding the fastest rider.


Participation Points

Ten points are awarded to each rider that starts an event.

Encouraging multiple beginners from your school is more beneficial than pinning your hopes on one or two strong riders.

Example, a rider that earns a PB, 2nd and 5th will receive (10+10) + (10+9) + (10+6) = 55 points for your school.


Absent Riders

We understand that it is difficult to make it to every round of the series. Riders may be feeling unwell or have family commitments.

Riders can miss up to six events (equivalent to two whole rounds) without missing participation points. This means that their school is not impacted significantly for the odd unavoidable absence. Beyond six missed events, any absence is recorded as DNS (Did Not Start) resulting in no points.


Rider Transfers

Points earned by individual riders belong to the rider. If the rider transfers to another school, they may elect to:

a. Take all their points with them to the new school.

b. Leave what they earned at their previous school and start from zero at their new school.

Expect to see changes in the point-score as riders graduate from primary to secondary school in the middle of the summer season.

Absent rider rules (above) still apply to the rider. That is, after a total of six absences, the rider records a DNS.

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