Winter – Schools Cup Information

Rider Information


Riders are grouped by ability. Beginners are encouraged to work their way through the grades as their skills develop.

Events that include very young novices may be on a modified easy course.

Parents and teachers can support the events by encouraging other kids from their school to attend. The more who enter, the more points awarded to your school.



Bike. -We have five grades that are open to all kids with road bikes, CX bikes, hybrid, MTB, BMX all the way down to kids bikes with streamers and basket.


Water bottle.

Closed shoes. -No sandals, thongs etc.

No sleeveless shirts. -Any short or long sleeve T-shirt or cycling shirt will do.


$7 – season membersjoinrenewbutton2

$14 – casuals (includes a $7 day membership + $7 event entry)

Consider a Junior Cyclist membership for a reduced rate at future events. -JC memberships are available online at a cost of $35.


School Registration

Students don’t need to wait for their school to register in the InterSchool Cycling events. Students nominate their school when they first sign-on. ISC will take care of school registration process on behalf of the student.


Rounds are held at a number of different venues around Sydney. More information on each venue can be found at the Winter Venues page.


Event Format

There are three events per round. The Individual Time Trial, Scratch and Handicap. Each event earns points for their school. If time permits, novelty events may be run.

Sign-on 2:00pm. Events from 3pm.

1. Individual Time Trial – (3pm)

This event is about self improvement. Our philosophy is that a rider who is continually improving is doing well even if they are not as quick as other riders.

If a rider records a personal best time, they earn the same points as if it were a win.

2. Scratch/Criterium – (concurrent event)

A scratch event is the most basic event. A group of riders start together and complete a set number of laps.

Scratch events are used for the lower grades.

A criterium is defined by a time period plus a number of laps. Eg 10mins + 1 lap. A group of riders ride together for a period of time. During this time the group will pass the start/finish line a number of times. After a set period a bell will sound to indicate the last lap. After that lap is complete the event is over. A rider that breaks away from the pack will have an advantage over the other riders.

Criterium events are used for the higher grades.

In both cases the first 10 riders over the line earn extra points for their school.

3. Handicap (concurrent event)

A handicap event involves some riders receiving a head start over other riders. It allows slower riders an opportunity to work hard in the hope that they can stay away from the faster chase riders. Conversely, it also provides a challenge to the fastest of riders who might otherwise win easily. It also encourages riders to form small groups and work together.

The first 10 riders over the line earn extra points for their school.

Please Note: Riders will not always receive the handicap they hope for. Please remember that there are a number of factors that affect the outcome of an event. As we learn to understand the ability of each individual rider, our ability to handicap the event improves.

Points are awarded as per the Points System page.


All riders need to be signed on before their event. The sign-on opens at 2:00pm and racing begins at 3:00pm. Parents and riders should arrive early enough to settle in, prepare bikes and be ready for sign-on.

The parent/carer signs-on for the rider and collects their number. Please do not bring bikes to the sign-on desk.

Primary Schools Cup

A perpetual Primary Schools Cup will be awarded to the primary school with the most points at the end of the series.

Secondary Schools Cup

A perpetual Secondary Schools Cup will be awarded to the secondary school with the most points at the end of the series.

Most Valuable Rider

The rider with the most points will be awarded a trophy to keep. There are four categories:

Female Primary Schools

Male Primary Schools

Female Secondary Schools

Male Secondary Schools

How To Win The InterSchool Cycling Point-score

1. Maximise participation.

All riders are awarded points for entering. Encourage riders from your school to participate. Points are weighted heavily towards entering. Schools with multiple riders have a better chance of winning the point-score even if they are not winning races.

2. Achieve a personal best (PB) in the time trial.

We consider it a win if a child achieves a PB, regardless if other riders are faster.

3. Performance.

We award points all the way down to 10th place in the scratch and handicap race. Awarding points to 10th place encourages riders to keep trying even if they can’t win.

See the Schools Cup Point System for details.

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